Gilmar Duarte Rocha


Brazilian writer, born in Bahia, published five fiction books in Portuguese and one novel in English (available on Amazon). Currently he is also member of Brazilian National Writers Academy-ANE.

Jose Luis Montecinos

author, poet, philosopher, and a mystic

Prabhuji, Jose Luis Montecinos, is a professional writer, a poet, a philosopher, and a mystic who lives as a hermit. His vast literary contributions include books in Hebrew, Spanish, and English.



Shardae author of yOuNg LuV.

Vagif Sultanly


Vagif Sultanly is a professor of History Azerbaijani Literature of Baku State University and the author of several novels and stories and involved in theoretical-esthetic issues of the art.

Elvandro Burity

Freelance Writer

Elvandro is a Brazilian citizen who self-publishes, his first book published in 1985 and available online. All titles have a charitable quality.

Juan Miguel Yribarren de Acha

Lawyer, Author

Spanish, Lawyer, Author, Graduate in Legal European Community, Qualified of International Center of Conflicts Solution and with diverse prizes.

Teresa Bui Thị Thanh Nga

Author (novel, poetry, music, script)

My work is a mission of love. Care of the orphans and people with and from dangerous diseases.

Regina M. Geither

Teacher, presenter, and published YA author

Regina is the author of the middle grade short story, Swamp Stallion, published by McGraw-Hill. Her YA paranormal fantasy trilogy includes Island of Tory, Cursing Stone, and Three. Her newest series, Celtic Kids, is a children's fantasy.

Dr. Adaeze Patricia Momah

Author, Researcher, and Journal Editor and Contributor

Socio-economist and developmental policy analyst. Author of an academic book titled 'Youth Poverty Reduction in Nigeria: Policy Perspective'. Interested in developmental topics including empowerment of the vulnerable groups - women, children, youth and the elderly as well as general poverty reduction issues.

More authors to come...maybe you?




Heiki Vilep

Author, Freelance Writer

Heiki is an author of humorous children's stories.

Zach Heiser

Aspiring Author, Freelance Artist, and Illustrator

Zach Heiser is a recent graduate from The University of Findlay. While he has self-published two books, he is currently working on becoming both a children’s book writer and illustrator.  He also works as a freelance artist.

Phyllis Levine


Author of the Matilda series.

Charlene Connors

Playwright, Actress

Charlene Connors, a nineteen year member of “Women in History”, has researched and written the monologues for her 14 characterizations and has written several plays focusing on women’s history that were presented at Cleveland State University and on cable television.

Ryan Sagert

Published Poet

Ryan Sagert, author of a chapbook, Doppleganger, is available through Loconeal Select.

James O. Barnes                          (*Speakers Bureau)

Speaker ~ Mentor ~ Dad  , ,

James Barnes is the publisher for Loconeal Publishing, and one of its authors. He is also the Principal Mentor at EntrePublishing. James speaks and provides workshops, training, and webinars on the publishing industry, entrepreneurship, and life balance.

Kelly Boyer Sagert

Author, Freelance Writer, Editor, Mentor



Leslie Korenko

Author, Speaker, Historian

Discover the extraordinary history of Kelleys Island Ohio through the stories told by the settlers, in their own words. Experience the joys, tragedies, and humorous stories as the islanders describe their lives and the rather unique aspects of living on an island

Robert Moore                                (*Speakers Bureau)

Author, Speaker, Host

Robert J. Moore is the author of “Till Death Do Us Part” and “Listen to My Kaleidoscope" on his own imprint, MooreWriting Publishing. Robert also serves as the vice president of the International Writers Association and hosts The International Writers Association Podcast..

Debbie Alferio                               (*Speakers Bureau)

Author, Speaker

Debbie Alferio is an award winning inspirational romance author of the Forever Love series.

Richard E. Todd                            (*Speakers Bureau)

Author, Speaker, Golfer

Richard Todd's humorous stories about the rules of golf, golf etiquette, and his short stories, not only entertain but also educate.  He was trained on the rules of golf by the USGA and the PGA.

Dr. Mary Hilaire Tavenner         (*Speakers Bureau)

Author, Educator, Speaker; President of IWA

Dr. Tavener is an author of nine books on travel and religion and an educator of over 5,000 individuals.

The International Writers Association

Author Members and their works



Tammy Heidenreich

LSW, Author, Poet

Tammy's recovery from an unusual variety of life challenges has fueled her passion to offer hope and encouragement to those who have felt a bit beat up by life.  This is evident in her inspirational books entitled, The Power of Compassion and Brushstrokes of Heaven.

J. Holly McCain

Inspirational Book Author 

J. Holly McCain is a poet, story teller, and children's book author living in North Ridgeville, Ohio. She loves visiting schools and has visited many after publishing 'Brown Eyes' and 'Puppy Love'.

Godfrey Elder

author, educator, entrepreneur, entertainer

Godfrey Elder, American author, educator, entrepreneur, and entertainer worked with Katy Perry, Mike Epps, and A Tribe Called Quest. He's facilitated workshops at youth correctional facilities, nursing homes, children's hospitals and interviewed by the New York Daily News and NY1.

Juan Grego Tordesillas


Doctor of Medicine from the University of Santo Tomas and  Masters in Business Administration-Health from Ateneo de Manila School of Business. Specializing in Diabetes Care Management. Married with four Children. Residing in Meycauayan City, Philippines

Mark Steven Froehlich

Poet, Book Editor, Retired Judge


Mark is currently preparing for publication his first collection of poems titled "Poetic Thoughts of a Would-Be Journalist". He is a Journalism graduate of The Ohio State University and edited "Niki's Honor" a recent book by Laila Anwarzai Ayoubi. He is a retired Ohio municipal court judge.

Miranda Gargasz


Miranda Gargasz is a freelance writer. She published her own book, Lemonade and Holy Stuff, in 2014. Many of her essays can be found on popular parenting sites like, in The Christian Science Monitor and The Huffington Post.

Eunkyung OH

Author, Ph.D & Doctor of Science

Ben A. Kimmich



Ben is an author and musician whose passion is to connect hearts to the heart of God. A devoted father and husband, he resides in the village of Wellington, Ohio, where he pursues writing, music, coffee, and fitness - not necessarily in that order, sometimes the coffee comes first.

Erenestina  Halili

Professor, Author

Ms. Erenestina  Halili, is university professor and an Albanian author of three books; Gjama e erës, Bibliography of the published Albanian Drama, and Bibulz.

She is a member of various editorial boards of scientific and cultural journals.

Indi Wright

author, freelance editor, evangelist

Indi’s background includes modeling, singing, dancing, theater, radio hosting and production. To date, she has released seven books. Aside from writing, Indi is passionate about faith, family, food and travel. She is devoted to furthering her service in global missions.

Melba Asberry

Author, Fine Artist, Illustrator        

Melba has designed and edited advertising pieces, and sold her fine art, including commissioned works.  Her latest written work is a book entitled The Door In The Willow, currently available through her website or at writers events.

Sherese M. Lyons

Inspirational Author

I currently reside in Brunswick, Ohio. I have a love for God, helping people heal and live better. My reader's lives will be altered forever, as I use God's; wisdom, truth, love and grace; to open that which bind people.

Tamar Nikuradze


BSU Invited Lecturer, Member of Writers' Creative Union of Georgia, Director of Charitable Organization, Founded an organization "Queen of Charity"; and author of poems, haikus, and stories.

Michael “Mikal” Saahir

Imam (Islamic minister)

Imam Michael Saahir has authored two books, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad: The Man Behind the Men, and “By Winter and Summer”. He has his BA Degree in Humane Exchange from Martin University in Indianapolis.

Dr. Laila Anwarzai Ayoubi

author, journalist, and former diplomat


Dr. Laila Anwarzai Ayoubi, Associate Professor at Martin University, taught at Butler University, originally from Afghanistan, has published her new book “Niki’s Honor.”

C. D. Koehler

Author, Educator, Speaker, Actor

Dr. Koehler has been in Educational Administration for most of his professional career and has authored a fantasy adventure series for middle and young adult readers titled So Many Secrets.

M.T. Bass


M.T. Bass is a scribbler of fiction who holds fast to the notion that while victors may get to write history, novelists get to write/right reality. He lives, writes, flies and makes music in Mudcat Falls, USA.

Theresa Linden


Homeschooling mom and author of the Chasing Liberty dystopian trilogy, Theresa will soon debut Roland West, Loner, first in a series of Catholic teen fiction. She is a member of the Catholic Writers Guild and has obtained a Catechetical Diploma.