Denise McKee, PHR

Freelance Writer / B2B Copywriter

Denise is a freelance writer and B2B copywriter specializing in working with businesses who serve HR and Safety professionals.

Melba Asberry

Author, Fine Artist, Illustrator        

Melba has designed and edited advertising pieces, and sold her fine art, including commissioned works.  Her latest written work is a book entitled The Door In The Willow, currently available through her website or at writers events.

Tracy Toothman

Multifaceted Artist

Tracy enjoys various forms of writing, art, and music; loves animals and her family; and a library worker.

Kathryn Eyring

Producer of Aging Gracefully


Kathryn Eyring is the producer of Aging Gracefully TV, which offers a weekly inspirational email including the most recent TV episode, quick-to-read articles, senior exercise videos, humor, wellness tips, and resources for living a long, healthy life without regrets!



Shardae author of yOuNg LuV.

Darlene Conrad

RN, Author 

A registered nurse for over twenty years, I realized the healing power of cherished family dishes within the difficult environment of a hospital room, nursing home, or even at home. These heartwarming stories and delicious recipes needed to be shared.

C. D. Koehler

Author, Educator, Speaker, Actor

Dr. Koehler has been in Educational Administration for most of his professional career and has authored a fantasy adventure series for middle and young adult readers titled So Many Secrets.

John A. Vanek 


John Vanek is a physician by training, but a writer by passion. Medicine is his life, but mysteries are his drug of choice. He is the author of the Father Jake Austin Mystery Series.

Tamar Nikuradze


BSU Invited Lecturer, Member of Writers' Creative Union of Georgia, Director of Charitable Organization, Founded an organization "Queen of Charity"; and author of poems, haikus, and stories.

Mark Steven Froehlich

Poet, Book Editor, Retired Judge


Mark is currently preparing for publication his first collection of poems titled "Poetic Thoughts of a Would-Be Journalist". He is a Journalism graduate of The Ohio State University and edited "Niki's Honor" a recent book by Laila Anwarzai Ayoubi. He is a retired Ohio municipal court judge.

Jeaninne Stokes 

Author, Poet, Bible-teacher & educator 

Jeaninne Stokes is the author of five faith-based books, a Christian poet, an educator who provides coaching and training services to help people called to write for the kingdom, and the founder of Inspiration for Living Ministries.

More authors to come...maybe you?




Phyllis Levine


Author of the Matilda series.

James O. Barnes                          (*Speakers Bureau)

Author, Narrator, Speaker, Dad  , Facebook@JamesOBarnesPage 

James O. Barnes is an audiobook narrator/producer, author, former publisher and serial entrepreneur. James also provides training and webinars on business, inspiration, and work-life balance.

Robert Moore                                (*Speakers Bureau)

Author, Speaker, Host

Robert J. Moore is the author of “Till Death Do Us Part” and “Listen to My Kaleidoscope" on his own imprint, MooreWriting Publishing. Robert also serves as the vice president of the International Writers Association and hosts The International Writers Association Podcast..

Richard E. Todd                            (*Speakers Bureau)

Author, Speaker, Golfer

Richard Todd's humorous stories about the rules of golf, golf etiquette, and his short stories, not only entertain but also educate.  He was trained on the rules of golf by the USGA and the PGA.

Dr. Mary Hilaire Tavenner         (*Speakers Bureau)

Author, Educator, Speaker; President of IWA

Dr. Tavener is an author of nine books on travel and religion and an educator of over 5,000 individuals.

The International Writers Association

Author Members and their works



J. Holly McCain

Inspirational Book Author 

J. Holly McCain is a poet, story teller, and children's book author living in North Ridgeville, Ohio. She loves visiting schools and has visited many after publishing 'Brown Eyes' and 'Puppy Love'.

Raquel M. Ortiz


Dr. Raquel M. Ortiz is an Emmy-nominated award-winning writer, anthropologist, storyteller, educator, lyricist, and children’s book author. Born and raised in Lorain, Ohio,  Dr. Ortiz teaches at Lorain County Community College and is a 2022 Lorain Public Library System Artist-in-Residence.