Officers and Leaders of IWA...

President:                            Dr. Hilaire Tavenner   
Vice President:                    Robert J Moore
Treasurer:                            James O. Barnes
Secretary:                            Denise McKee
Poetry Chair:                        (open)
Program Coordinator:          Robert J Moore
Social Media Coordinator:   Richard E Todd / Robert J Moore
Media Coordinator:              Robert J Moore
Lorain Arts Council Liaison: (open)
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Speakers Bureau 

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IWA's History 

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IWA's foundation

IWA has a documented foundation for our principals and process.  You can read our IWA Constitution 2021.pdf

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Our mission is to educate, support, promote, encourage, and inform individual writers and help produce and market each member's work.




Welcome to the International Writers Association!

Using the combined talents of our members, the International Writers Association helps other writers and authors through the difficult world of publishing. 

IWA provides guidance in writing, editing, publishing, marketing, and promoting your own works.